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Unwanted Fat

Getting rid of stubborn fat is a common struggle for many men and women, and achieving their desired results is often a steep uphill battle.

As we get older, several factors in life make it increasingly difficult to lose and keep off stubborn areas of fat—from long days of sitting at work to physical changes like a slowed metabolism. Even those who live a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good nutrition may struggle with problem areas such as love handles, a slight belly bulge, or a double chin.

Why won’t the fat just go away?

There are countless reasons why you may be facing a seemingly unbeatable battle against your stubborn areas of fat, including age, genetics, and health-related factors. If you are good about diet and exercise, you may find you can reach a healthy shape and size, but may still find yourself unhappy with your physique due to specific areas of resistant fat. These stubborn areas are often composed of subcutaneous fat, which—unlike visceral fat—lies just beneath the skin and is more resistant to traditional weight loss methods. Despite your healthy lifestyle, this visceral fat is likely what is preventing you from achieving the hard and well-refined body contours you visualize having.

Reducing stubborn fat to reach your body goals

Supplementing your healthy lifestyle with a non-surgical fat reduction method can help you to achieve your ideal physique and enjoy the benefits of a slimmer, naturally healthy-looking figure. Our non-surgical solutions for unwanted fat are proven to provide patients with real and lasting results.

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