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Enlarged Pores

If you’re struggling with large, open pores, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

Your pores are those small openings in your skin that allow your body to flush toxins, keep you cool, and moisturize the skin. The majority of people hardly notice their pores until they get up close to a mirror. However, those with enlarged pores may find themselves feeling self-conscious about the way they look—often shying away from photos or closer social interactions. When pores become enlarged, they can make your skin look rough or aged, and they may contribute to increased problems with acne or with an oily complexion.

What are the causes of enlarged pores?

Large pores can be caused by a number of different genetic and environmental factors, including age, gender, and oily skin. For example, as men and women get older, they may notice their pores becoming increasingly visible due to sun exposure and changes in the skin.

Solutions to correct the appearance of enlarged pores

There are several at-home tips and tricks you can use to minimize the appearance of large pores; most will do little to nothing for long-term improvements in the look of your skin. While pore size cannot actually be made smaller, we offer various medical treatments that are proven to lessen the appearance of pores and restore a smoother, more even complexion.

Please click on one of the following treatments to learn how it can help treat enlarged pores.

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