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A Non-Surgical Solution for Vaginal Firming

Best For:

Vaginal laxity

Treatment Time:

10-20 minutes

Recovery Time:


Vaginal laxity is a common problem many women face due to factors such as age, genetics, and childbirth. This change in both the look and feel of the vagina can result in lower levels of self-confidence and may negatively impact a woman’s intimacy with her partner. diVaTyte is a new, non-surgical laser treatment designed to treat vaginal laxity and help women to feel like their youthful, confident selves.

Without making a single incision, diVaTyte is able to provide women with incredible, natural-looking results that were once only achievable through plastic surgery. You can enjoy the same life-changing results of procedures like labiaplasty without the discomfort or recovery time.

This vaginal firming treatment is especially popular among mothers who have experienced physical changes to their vaginas that cannot be solved on their own. diVaTyte may also be an effective solution for women as they get older.

How diVaTyte helps to improve vaginal laxity

diVaTyte is a light-based treatment by Sciton®, designed to treat problems with loose skin around the vaginal area. This dual-action treatment not only delivers the same beneficial light energy to the interior tissues as the traditional diVa™, but also utilizes the same skin firming technology behind SkinTyte II™ to rejuvenate the exterior appearance of the labia as well. During your diVaTyte treatment, your body’s natural healing response is triggered, causing it produce new collagen and elastin while rebuilding the underlying tissue.

The result is a firming of the external skin and renewal of the interior vaginal tissue for a refreshing and confidence-boosting rejuvenation. With individual treatments lasting just 10-20 minutes, you can easily fit your diVaTyte sessions into your normal routine without any downtime. For optimal results, we often recommend undergoing a series of 3-5 diVaTyte sessions spread roughly 2-3 weeks apart.