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Am I Candidate for diVa™?

Vaginal rejuvenation seems to be everywhere these days. As minimally invasive laser treatments, like diVa by Sciton®, grow in popularity, women are increasingly coming to Skinetics Medical Aesthetics wondering if they are a candidate for laser vaginal therapy.

As seen on TV!

diVa has been featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and soon, E! News!

You are Experiencing: Sexual Dissatisfaction

It is very common for women to experience changes in their sexual lives. Reduced sensation, vaginal dryness, or pain during intercourse can greatly reduce how much a woman enjoys sex. Stimulating your body’s own collagen production, diVa restores elasticity to create a healthier and tighter vaginal wall almost immediately. The enhanced vaginal tone promotes lubrication and blood circulation, which both contribute to sexual stimulation and satisfaction that is noticeable both to our patient and her partner. 

You are Experiencing: Outer Laxity

Chafing, pulling, and pinching are only a few ways an enlarged labia causes discomfort for many of Dr. Todd’s patients. A stretched or oversized labia is not only physically uncomfortable, but it can be aesthetically displeasing as well. Designed to treat a loose labia, diVaTyte™ utilizes the same skin firming technology that powers diva’s sister laser, SkinTyte II™ to refine the appearance of a woman’s labial lips. By tightening the external skin, diVaTyte can improve a wrinkled, saggy, uneven, or flat-appearing labia while also increasing the comfort and confidence a woman has with her body. 

You are Experiencing: Incontinence

Many of our patients come to us because they are experiencing inadvertent urination. Resulting from a loss of bladder control, accidental leakage is often caused when excess stress is placed on the bladder. Every day—and unavoidable—activities including coughing, sneezing, laughing, bending, and lifting can place stress on the bladder. Understandably, incontinence restricts what a woman is able to do without worry. By strengthening vaginal muscles, diVa’s hybrid laser technology makes it possible for women to have more control over muscular contraction and bladder control.

At Skinetics, we love that diVa gives women control of their bodies again! Please schedule a consultation at our Lufkin practice to learn more about diVa and whether you are a candidate for this exciting treatment.

Skinetics Medical Aesthetics is thrilled to be ONE OF ONLY 30 clinics in the USA to have diVa!